Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Cedar to Make Things Last
Natural aromatic cedar offers garments and linens the best protection against moths, mildew and mustiness.  Cedar Fresh products contain no added chemicals — just Mother Nature's secret formula for freshness and protection.  
How Does Cedar Protect Fabrics?
The aroma of cedar, while pleasant and harmless to humans, is proven to be a powerful appetite suppressant to moth larvae.  Remember, it's the larvae that damage fabrics, not the winged adult moths. 
Which Fabrics Need to be Protected?
We recommend including aromatic cedar in all fabric storage applications.  All fabrics are prone to mildew damage.  Insect damage occurs mostly on natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and linens.  Even pure synthetic fabrics can be damaged by insects if stored improperly.  Don't forget to protect stored fabrics such as linens, towels and rugs.  Always wash or dry clean garments immediately before storage to remove mildew spores and insect eggs.  Place clean garments and cedar immediately into a clean, air-tight storage container and seal tightly. When storing light-coloured fabric for extended periods, insert tissue paper to prevent contact between wood and fabric.
How Much Cedar do I Need?
You should use enough cedar in each application to build up a noticeable cedar fragrance in the fabrics you are protecting.  How much cedar this takes depends on the size of your container and how often it is opened and exposed to light.  Most cedar products remain effective for 8-12 months.  Unlike volatile chemical moth balls and air fresheners that literally evaporate, Cedar Fresh products can be renewed over and over again.  Cedar Fresh offers Cedar Power Spray, a liquid extract of cedar essence which instantly restores the aromatics of natural cedar.  Cedar can also be sanded to remove the top layer of wood and expose fresh aromatic wood underneath 
Is Cedar the Right Choice for the Environment?
Cedar Fresh is a natural alternative to chemical moth balls which are petro-chemical products.  Many environmentalists recommend cedar as "the right choice.”  Cedar is a renewable non-endangered resource.  Cedar wood for these products is selectively harvested on private lands.   The Cedar Fresh name is your assurance that the cedar you purchase is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner.
Cedar Fresh The "Fresher" Cedar
Not all cedar is created equal.  Growing real aromatic cedar is an art.  Like wine or coffee, cedar's aromatic quality is governed by soil and climate.  Cedar Fresh is fresher because it's mountain grown, hand selected and packed forest fresh for you.  We use only the most aromatic heart of the tree, hermetically sealed in our patented FreshTech packaging to bring you the freshest, most aromatic cedar in the world.  
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