Refillable Moisture Absorbers

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DampRid Refillable Moisture Absorber 300 g.

Attracts and traps excess moisture and eliminates musty odours.

Creates fresher, cleaner air.

It lasts up to 45 days depending on temperature and humidity. Tamper resistant lid.

It is ok for the white crystals to go hard from time to time.

For more information regarding hard crystals please see FAQ section of this website.


DampRid Resealable Refill Pouch 1.19 kg. provides 4 refills for the 300 g Refillable Moisture Absorber.

DampRid Economy Refill with screw lid
3.4 kg. provides 11 refills for the 300 g Refillable Moisture Absorber.
For use with the Easy-Fill System Moisture Absorbers and the FG01 Refillable Moisture Absorber. The convenient Easy-Fill System Refill Pack loads quickly and easily without having to handle the moisture absorbing crystals.